Saturday, July 1, 2017

Back to School

It is August, the month most students return to school.  I have developed a contract for parents and their students to read, discuss and alter to fit their family and sign as a blueprint to having a harmonious and successful school year each and every year. Click here for the Form.

I hope this will be something you find useful for your family.  Have a GREAT school year!

Here's a preview: 

Parent/Student Contract for School 8/2017
I, We _____________________________________(the parent(s)) enter into the following contract with our son, daughter in order to create and maintain order, success and harmony in our home during the 1st - 12th grade school years starting with this school year 2017-2018 at __________________________________________________elementary/middle/high school.
(Student)________________________________________________ promises to follow all rules discussed and written on this contract daily and understands that there will be consequences for not following the rules as agreed upon in this contract and signed by parent and student.

1. Respect yourself and others in everything you say and do.
2. Use a calendar to record homework and other important dates, and activities.
3. Have regular attendance in all classes and arrive on time.
4. Listen carefully to all directions given, and ask questions when necessary.
5. Write down all assignments, show them to your parents, give homework to the teacher.
6. Maintain a positive attitude daily and smile at all of your teachers.
7. Be prepared when you get to class, have all necessary supplies with you.
8. Do your very BEST every day, share events of the day with your parents.
9. Attend tutoring for any subject that becomes difficult and your grade is below a _________.
10. Keep up with all of your personal belongs and possessions every day.    
11. Become very familiar with district and school policies and rules.
12. Get to know the names of teachers and staff and work together for a successful year.  
Parent’s Signature   _________________________________________________
Student’s Signature   _________________________________________________